16 comments on “A Few Thoughts on Robin Williams

  1. I really loved him on talk shows. You never knew where he was going but you knew it was going to be entertaining. He is going to be missed for sure.

  2. I was a regular viewer of The Crazy Ones. I watched it because he was in it and I enjoyed it. It is very said that he has left us. A great talent he certainly was.

  3. He was a symbol for happiness but now that symbol is sadness. Robin, I hope you are in a better place.

  4. Robin Williams wasn’t my cup of tea but I’m sorry he couldn’t find happiness in his life. I feel bad for his children.

  5. Loved his standup, loved his movies, loved his television shows, LOVED HIM. I was shocked by the news. RIP, Robin

  6. Robin was one of a kind. He will live on in his body of work. At least we will have that.

  7. That image on your post is from “Dead Poets Society.” That’s a great movie and Robin was a great talent. He’ll be missed.

  8. I suppose I don’t understand the illness of depression and I also don’t understand how he could have done this to his children. This will be the last memory of their father.

  9. Many comedians, with their high-speed intellects, seem to have some problems with depression. Seeing Louie C.K. above reminds me that he sometimes dwells on depression in his show and in his routines. I hope he doesn’t fall prey to the demons that brought Williams down. I agree with Larry that Williams was a strong actor, especially in his more serious roles, including the killer in “Insomnia” and as the creepy “One-hour Photo” man.

  10. Everyone thinks of Williams as a comic. Keep in mind he was classically trained as an actor. That’s one of the reason why he was so good and keep getting better. “One hour Photo” is probably his best acting job. This loss is truly a shame.

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