10 comments on “Stupid Loves Stupid

  1. As long as there are people out there that are full of hate, there will always be a person like this on the radio. Just turn the dial.

  2. Shep Smith also had something negative to say about Robin over on Fox, called him a coward or something. Like Thersea says, just consider the source.

  3. Reading all the tributes to Robin Williams, I wonder what will be said about Limbaugh when he passes.

  4. Karen,

    Everybody has there audience including Limbaugh but I won’t be missing him much.

  5. Limbaugh is a drug-addled gasbag, preaching to his choir of fools. As for Karen’s wondering what will be said at Limbaugh’s (none too soon) demise–the answer is “Not much, if anything at all.”

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