9 comments on “Rewarding Good Customer Service Down There at the Corner of Happy and Healthy

  1. Those freezers at Walgreen’s are still screwed up Larry. I wouldn’t be buying any frozen food there.

  2. I enjoyed that column you wrote in City Beat and I agree that people are much nicer in Covington than across the river. You would still be standing in the road if you were over there!

  3. The CVS store in Covington is now getting my business instead ow Walgreens. I like there stand on not selling cancer sticks.

  4. That is a good point you are making, Jack Rabbit, and Larry won’t mind as he no longer smokes!

  5. I count my lucky stars I don’t have to work at that store. I feel sorry for their employees who work like dogs and get little for it. It is almost as bad as Walmart.

  6. No, Barbara, Walmart is worse. They treat their employees much worst when it comes to paying them. At least at Walgreens there is some kind of retirement plan or so I’m told.

  7. Since Walgreen’s is going to be incorporated outside of this country, I will shop elsewhere. We all need to support U.S. corporations and boycott Walgreen’s.

  8. I have avoided their frozen food section ever since you wrote that story about their frozen chicken wings. How low can people get? Apparently VERY low.

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