10 comments on “Tri-Colored Peppers

  1. These bell peppers all taste alike so I will continue to buy the green ones. They don’t cost as much.

  2. Nothing taste better than fresh mushrooms and nothing taste worst than canned mushrooms. As far as you, Brian, go stick it somewhere.

  3. I enjoy coming here and reading and reviewing the comments because there is very little rudeness here which is not the case with a lot of other blogs. Brian, you so often approach being nasty. It is not welcome by me or, I’m sure, by the regulars here. Remember the old saying, if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.

  4. I can’t help but notice that Brian never responds to any of us who calls him out on his negative comments so I’m thinking he comes here just to stir things up. From this point on he is not getting my attention.

  5. Next time you fry eggs, put some of those peppers and mushrooms and onion on top. It will dress up your fried eggs.

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