9 comments on “Dollar Tree Store in Covington KY Doesn’t Disappoint

  1. I was also there on Saturday! Sorry to have missed you. It is a GREAT store. It is going to do very well in that location.

  2. I also was there over the weekend. I couldn’t help but notice that they don’t seem to have any security cameras installed. They better get that in place or get a security guard or get prepared to constantly get ripped off. BTY, it’s a decent enough place.

  3. Have not been there yet but in there tool dept. if the tools say wash hands after using, don’t buy them. They have lead in them.

  4. It seems odd to me that they didn’t use the original entrance that had the automatic doors. My mother walks with a walker and she lives there in Covington. She’s going to have a hard time even getting inside it.

  5. The only thing Walgreens has going for it now is the pharmacy and name brand products. Even the Dollar Tree has some major brands and much better prices. I think Walgreens is going to see their profits go down. This dollar store is going to be a force there on Madison Ave.

  6. According to another blogger, Dollar Tree also accepts coupons! Some of those $1 purchases may even end up half-price.

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