17 comments on “The Call of a Bobwhite

  1. Out here in Boone Country I hears the bobwhites sometimes but not like I did when I was a kid, may be dieing out.

  2. Thank you for the video link. It has been many a year since I have heard a bobwhite!

  3. I loved reading this because as a kid I hatched quail (back then we just called them “bobwhite”s, no one said “quail”) from a tiny incubator with 6 eggs that I ordered from the back of Southern Living magazine. They were a part of my life for about 7 years! We also had quail in and around the pasture, so I heard and saw them everywhere. I miss the sound too. I know around home the cause of their disappearance was the arrival of a few feral cats who took up residence in the fencerows. By the end of that year, no one heard quail anymore. When I am lucky enough to hear one these days, memory after memory of childhood, home, and the pasture comes rushing into my head!

  4. I also have never heard a bobwhite sing or even seen one. I got a little bit of an education this morning. Thanks.

  5. Mr. Perkins’ narrative was a nice footnote to Larry’s column. Unfortunately, he’s right about the feral cats. I’ve seen studies that the wild ones kill at least 23 birds per year (from a Washington Post report).

  6. I always enjoy the sounds of cardinals, bobwhites, robins and sparrows on summer mornings. Larry’s right–you miss much of that living in the city.

  7. Most are enjoying the calling of a bobwhite here today while Gus has his frying pan ready. Different strokes for different folks!

  8. Gus, you would be better off roasting that quail instead of frying it and roast two of them. They are not big birds.

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