13 comments on “Coffee Makers

  1. My coffeemaker has a timer on it, so my coffee is already made when I wake up. I don’t like the idea of having to stand around waiting to make one cup of coffee. I want it now!!

  2. I may look into getting one of these one cup coffee makers. I waste a lot of coffee it seems as sometimes I just want one cup but then again sometimes want more than that. This may be ideal.

  3. I read on your facebook page where you usually have Kroger breakfast blend coffee. I usually get this too but treat myself to a Starbucks about once a week.

  4. According to the NY Times, using this type of coffeemaker costs about $50 per pound of coffee. Plus, the environmental cost of all those little plastic cups in the landfills creates concern. Some cups are biodegradable, but thinking about that $50 price point, I’ll pass. I may waste a little but not a lot.

  5. I never considered the environmental cost of this type of coffee maker but I will now. I think I’ll keep what I’ve got.

  6. My wife uses one of these one-cup makers, what she normally drinks. But I have a four-cup maker, and I stick with that because I have to have two or more cups a morning to get rolling, and I don’t want to wait for cups three and four.

  7. I’m agreeing with Ms. Erin. I want to make my coffee once and that’s it. If I throw a little bit away which is rare, so be it.

  8. This one is environmentally wasteful – excess packaging AND a higher price to boot.

    Now, if you drank tea like me, then all that you throw away are tea bags, and those go well in the landfill or compost.

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