12 comments on “I’m Amazed

  1. I honestly thought he had won an oscar. I have loved Bill for many years and have seen a lot of his movies. If anyone deserves to win one of those things it is him!

  2. We’re no longer in the 1970’s, Slim. Bill Murray started out as a comic and has grown through the years into a very good actor. He got past SNL years ago.

  3. I am more than a little surprised that Glenn Close has never won an Academy Award. She has appeared in a lot of great films. This tells me that maybe the Oscars aren’t what they should be. Maybe it’s a popularity contest.

  4. That’s a strong group, especially Glenn Close. The one who didn’t surprise me is Tom Cruise–he’s a weak actor and his boyish looks have possibly also kept people from taking him seriously.

  5. When it comes to his love life, Tom Cruise has been “acting” all his life, if you know what I mean.

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