9 comments on “A Belated Farewell to Doug Taylor

  1. I met Doug a few times and would always pick up The Downtowner when I was downtown. Yep, he sure was to the right and City Beat was and is a more interesting paper but his paper was a decent alternative. Well, that is until Ach got a hold of it.

  2. “The Downtowner” was an all right newspaper, but “The Pulse” was a joke and so is Ach. How many people has this guy screwed over the years.

  3. I will always Love Doug. I never laughed or enjoyed life as much as I did with him! Yes Larry I was his girlfriend. He moved to Cleveland and got married was really happy! until Cancer got him I knew what was happening because we emailed but as always he didn’t tell me how sick he was. I cryed when I moved again and found our dueling colmums once again. But I know he is in a better place because he was sick.
    Love to his family and friends.
    Lucy Plum aka Ann

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