11 comments on “Charlo Greene: The Famous Quitter

  1. I’m a little surprised this is your take on her. She stood up for herself and she is being her own person. Since when have you become so “corporate?”

  2. Jack Rabbit is right, Cathy. I can’t imagine that a local reporter here would ever do such a thing on television. She should be ashamed of herself instead of smoking a joint on another show after it is all said and done.

  3. As a former reporter, I had the same reaction as Larry. Her career in journalism just went up in smoke.

  4. You can tell from that HuffPost interview that Greene is a bit “green” and also a flake. She sure did throw away her journalism career. Well, maybe. People don’t remember very much and this may be forgotten at some point. Let’s hope not.

  5. Well, she is an idiot — an idiot who thinks she’s hot shit right now. her hot shit will cool off soon enough and then where will she be? Making millions with her marijuania business? Again, an idiot.

  6. When I first read about this reporter I thought it was pretty funny but I do see your point. If you’re going to be a reporter, you need to have a set of ethics!

  7. She may be laughing at all of us if she gets rich off her marijuana business. I’m gonna say go girl!

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