13 comments on “For Real, Twin Peaks is Returning

  1. Twin Peaks was one of the strangest shows on television. I LOVE strange. Count me in.

  2. I found the show a little unnerving and a little scary. I don’t need that in my old age!

  3. In most cases, I would agree with what Tim is saying. But, you’re talking about David Lynch. He can make the impossible happen.

  4. Oh yeah. Count me in. I started watching repeats of this show about five years ago and got hooked. I want to see more of that Black Lodge! Bring on 2016!

  5. If it was going to be on regular tv i would probably watch it but I’m not going to pay extra for cable.

  6. I imagine a lot of the original audience is dead. I liked the first dozen episodes, but then it got too strange and vague, so I don’t know if I’ll tune in. I certainly hope they create some more of that great music used in the original–that was excellent, and that was also “a damned good cup of coffee.”

  7. I came to this show a dozen or so years after it ran on ABC and I suspect the show has found younger viewers that way. I’m a fan and probably know way too much about this program. Tuck, those first dozen shows were done under the watchful eye of the creators of it — then they turned it over to their “staff” and caused the problem with season 2. Lynch and Frost will be very hands on with season 3. And, so yes, that music was great.

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