7 comments on “A Suggestion to the People Down There at the Corner of Happy and Healthy

  1. Thanks for the heads up Larry. I will be paying attention to those prices whenever I have to go in there.

  2. Wal Mart is also good at pulling that kind of crap. They also like to sock it to the poor.

  3. For me and I think also for you, this Walgreens is in a convenient location for us to get to but you sure have to keep those employees on their toes. The first Tuesday of every month is their senior discount day. I ALWAYS have to remind the cashier of that when I’m paying for my things. ALWAYS.

  4. Never go in there anymore. I go to the CVS just up the road. Prices are about the same but I don’t have to deal with fools buying cigs. They don’t sell them anymore.

  5. I guess it doesn’t pay to be trusting. I never ever pay attention to what the cashier is doing. I will now!

  6. You may have to take this on as a crusade Larry. Can’t help but wonder that the folks at h’n’h are banking on the people living around and south of MLK to NOT complain about the prices – since h’n’h is nearly the only game in the area. Or they’re banking on that people are too poor and undereducated to notice.

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