9 comments on “Print Books Still Outselling eBooks

  1. I use my Kindle for “fast food” reading, especially when I travel. For my at home, sit down literary “meals,” nothing beats a real book.

  2. I’m with you on this one Larry. I’m up early this morning for a doctor’s appointment. Will be taking a real book with me to the waiting room!

  3. I prefer print as well but I can see the charm of eBooks. If you read a “traditional” print book and get a twist for worse halfway through, you know everything will get better by the end of the book, because there are still plenty of pages left. With an eBook it is more difficult to notice whether the story is, indeed, coming to close. In that sense eBooks are more suspenseful to read.

  4. I can pretty much tell that your audience here is older. Nothing wrong with that as I’m older too, but older people are usually going to lean towards books. I like what Karen said — “real book.” That’s how I think of them too. A real book that you can put into a “bookcase” as you said. There is something to be said for tradition!

  5. Give me an old fashioned book any day. I look at enough SCREENS. I don’t need to read a book that way too.

  6. I take the bus to and from UC. It sure is a lot easier to carry around a Kindle than a backpack of books!

  7. Sometimes it is just more convenient to bring along a Kindle or something like it. Why not read both?

  8. I have a few free and cheap(er) books on my iPad. I don’t buy as many books as I did before retirement, but when I do, they are usually physical books. The library is, and always has been, a wonderful place. I use it now more than ever.

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