7 comments on “Autumn and Winter Thoughts

  1. I guess I am ready for winter but of course what choice do I have? I already got the winter coat out.

  2. I look forward to the holidays in the winter time but after that I’m always ready for spring to arrive!

  3. I’ve been hearing that we’re not going to have a bad winter this year or next. Of course I’ll believe that after the season plays out.

  4. I’m a cool(er) weather fan, so I love the fall and its fresh air. Spring is #2 with me, so I’m hoping for a mild, quick winter. As for autumn, Van Morrison has a few fine autumnal songs, including “When The Leaves Come Tumbling Down.” Check it out on YouTube.

  5. I can handle winter just fine until football season is over and then I get restless and want spring to get here and baseball. Basketball doesn’t cut it with me.

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