14 comments on “I Have Nothing Against Lester Holt—However . . .

  1. 48 Hours has been a viewing habit for years. Tomorrow night, we get a double dose of it!

  2. That Keith and Seth bit is funny, J.R.
    and Larry I agree, Holt isn’t needed on that show and I’m going to take it a step beyond that and say the rest of the people aren’t needed either. Have Keith on every week!

  3. Keith Morrison truly gives me the creeps. I never watch Dateline because of him but 48 Hours is pretty decent. No creeps on that show.

  4. I can understand why Bee finds Morrison a bit creepy. I do too, but he is a strong reporter. As for Lester, he is a popular face, and maybe they can’t find enough for him to do. I’m sure he’s well paid, so they have him appear on several of the network’s highly rated shows to get their money’s worth. And he comes across as a credible “nice guy.”

  5. Morrison is certainly a strong reporter and maybe he does creep a few people out but the fact is “Dateline’s” ratings go up when Morrison is doing the reporting.

  6. I vote Keith Morrison. He’s omnipresent during the show. Lester Holt is just the talking head. Morrison reminds me a bit of Robert Redford, in that he lets all the facial lines of his life experiences show. I respect that.

  7. When “Dateline” does a Youtube post, Lester Holt is always cut out of them. What does that tell you?

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