8 comments on “Costco Closed on Thanksgiving: What’s THAT About?

  1. You should really consider going to Costco and save quite a bit of money instead of giving it to Walgreens.

  2. Don’t you have to buy everything in bulk at Costco? I don’t have enough storage space for that.

  3. My sister and I go to Costco about every other month. She has a pretty large house and I store some of the items I purchase there until I can use them. I do save money by going there.

  4. Costco is a company made up of people that have hearts, unlike those people down there at your corner of happy and healthy who only see money.

  5. Larry, Costco is well worth going to and it is much better than that Walgreens. You know that as you keep making fun of it!

  6. If Costco does this for employees’ families, good for them. Thanksgiving is the one pure holiday remaining, and everybody should be able to enjoy it.

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