14 comments on “Dolly Just Tries to Love Everybody

  1. Dolly does have a large following in the gay community so she would be crazy to shy away from them, but I think her words are honest. I can’t help but wonder how many other country music artists would say what she said. I suspect not many.

  2. I have never called myself a Country Music fan but Dolly is the exception. I love her voice and she is quite the songwriter also.

  3. I have liked Dolly since the first time I saw her in the mid-60s at a dive, Hawaiian Gardens in Western Hills. Guitar great Lonnie Mack was the big draw that night, but he had Dolly come out toward the end of his set, and she sang one of her first singles, “Happy Birthday Baby.” She was sweet, funny, gorgeous and a great singer, something I’ll never forget.

  4. Thanks, Jack Rabbit. I have always loved Lonnie and have seen him dozens of times. And for Bee and Cathy, “Memphis” does have words, by the great Chuck Berry. He had a minor hit with it before Lonnie’s #1 instrumental version, but both are excellent.

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