8 comments on “My Old Refrigerator

  1. Oh hell. A refrigerator should last longer than two years. At least you got a new one out of it.

  2. Shouldn’t complain about a “luxury” appliance, but two dishwashers in five years here. Planned obsolescence is a LOT shorter these days.

  3. At least you live in an apartment building where they replaced it. It would have really pissed me off if I had to replace a refrigeratior after two years.

  4. That is one of the good things about renting an apartment. When an appliance goes out, it gets replaced by the landlord. At least your not out of pocket on the refrigerator.

  5. Jack Rabbit, I know you are joking but it would not surprise me at all if we have disposable kitchen appliances in the near future!

  6. Our LG only lasted 6 years and I’m currently using ice and coolers like this is the 20’s until Thursday. Ridiculous. Our fridge from 2002 lasted 12 and beyond (we sold it in working order).

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