12 comments on “Halloween Thoughts

  1. If memory serves me correctly and I think this is actually the Walgreens policy is that they will take the candy back but at the reduced price that it becomes after halloween. Don’t hold me to this.

  2. I think I would wear that t-shirt down to the “corner of happy and healthy,” maybe get a Halloween discount.

  3. I think we’re both getting old and cranky. I also live in a building with security and I like it that way. Trick or Treaters are too much of a disturbance for this old gal.

  4. I last bought candy cigarettes from a vending machine at Arcade Legacy that was also stocked with retro stuff like Nintendo cartridges, baseball card packs and 80s CDs.

  5. If you could find a candy cigarette (or a real one), you could wear that shirt while standing in the front of Walgreens, saying to the customers “Welcome to the corner of happy and healthy” as you puff away…

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