8 comments on “Discovering Mandy Barnett

  1. I know of Mandy. She is the girl who does all the Patsy Cline songs. “Blue Day” is a nice one.

  2. I bought her first cd many years back and was stunned at her talent. I thought she would become a huge star, but it has not happened. It’s a tough business, especially when mediocrity like Swift’s , and many others, can outpace real talent like Barnett’s. This happens frequently in music–maybe there’s just too much to listen to.

  3. Mandy is on “Larry’s Country Diner” sometimes and Larry always tells me that her star needs to be higher. She is always really good on that show.

  4. Nashville is a strange place, I lived there for 8 years. Even Shelby Lynne didn’t have her truly great albums until she left Nashville for LA. Look up Mindy Smith for some good Americana music.

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