11 comments on “Eating Etiquette

  1. Most of my friends are older like I am so they wouldn’t be doing this. I would be more than insulted if they did!

  2. Can’t help but notice your photo was taken in New York City. What else would you expect there?

  3. I see your point if you are sharing a meal with someone. Of course if you are by yourself and eating what difference would it make if you’re texting on your phone?

  4. No friend of mine would ever try eating out with me at a restaurant and do that texting stuff. Their food would be on top of their head!

  5. Texting: Everybody is looking down at their phones nowadays. I’m surprised people aren’t having neck problems.

  6. I’m getting used to younger people doing many of these things, but I’m still surprised at how many couples and larger groups come into a bar or restaurant, sit down and immediately start looking at/texting on phones and not conversing with each other. Sometimes it goes on for a long time before anyone talks to their companion(s), and this is completely rude. Sometimes people leave without saying anything, or very little, to each other. They should just stay home. The phone has become a pox on civilization, at least in public, and it’s good to read that experts agree.

  7. Can’t wait for your “rank” on driving and texting. It’s against the law but people pay no attention to it including my son. Drives me nuts.

  8. Maybe a restaurant ” No cell Phone Zone” Wonder if it would take off? Anyway when it comes to rudeness, if all at the table are doing it ,it’s not. The ubiquitous mobile phone is retarding real social interaction.

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