8 comments on “Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers: Black Friday will Actually Start on Thanksgiving Day

  1. This will be a terrible thing to admit but chances are you will find me there on Thanksgiving evening. I like to shop for the holidays.

  2. I went to Florence Mall yesterday to pick up a catalog order, as I need an odd size of clothing. Must be the calm before the storm out there. Lots of retired, lonely looking men in the food court, over the top Christmas decor in the common area and much over priced merchandise in the store that you couldn’t pay ME to drag home. This Scrooge will stay home, bake cookies, and maybe buy coffees and teas for my A-list friends.

  3. I will do most of my shopping online and NOT online at Walmart where they treat their employees like shit. I will not reward them for that by giving them any of my money.

  4. Well I’ll tell you something, Mr. Jack Rabbit, if you don’t have any money which I don’t, you will find yourself in a Wal Mart. That’s just how it is.

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