16 comments on “Taking a Look at CityBeat at 20

  1. That bin they have by the post office in Covington on Scott is never filled up. You should tell somebody there.

  2. I read City Beat online these days and I ALWAYS read your column. I wish it was in every week instead of every month!

  3. The “quality” of City Beat is no where close as to what it used to be. You of all people should know that.

  4. I agree with Brian that for a certain period of time, the quality was a bit off, but over the past few years, I think it has basically returned to what it used to be — not all the time but most of the time. Having said that, I think the paper should revisit Kathy Wilson’s column. The column she wrote about Covington some weeks back needed to be “fact checked” big time and clearly wasn’t. What I’m trying to say is she needs an editor big time and all the time.

  5. Whenever you link to one of your columns here I always read it. Outside of that I don’t care for City Beat all that much especially after what that Wilson woman wrote. Condemned a whole city without having all her ducks in a row.

  6. CityBeat is certainly better than the Cincinnati Enquirer but it doesn’t take much to beat that mess of a paper.

  7. I can’t imagine not picking it up. Sometimes I’m late in doing that and when that happens I read it online but I like reading it the old fashion way. I like turning the pages.

  8. I also liked “Everybody’s News” better for a long time and was surprised when it went under. City Beat has improved over the years, doing a good job of covering many areas, especially music, and it is generally better than the “Ink Wire,” which is full of mistakes and typos most days.

  9. I read CityBeat for the local news and subscribe to The New York Times for the national news. Please note the Cincinnati Enquirer is no where in sight.

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