16 comments on “Six Years

  1. Larry, I woke up this morning expecting to see a lot of snow on the ground. I’m only looking at a couple inches. That is the best news of the day so far!

  2. Coming here has become a habit. Some posts are better than others but isn’t that the case with almost every blog? If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  3. Actually, it is kind of pretty out there. The first real snowfall of the season is kind of special.

  4. I don’t always comment here but I always read what you put up. I agree with Peaches. 9 times out of 10, you are on the mark.

  5. You do a good job and draw a good crowd. Almost all commenters display thoughtful common sense and logical responses, along with a dollop or two of humor and little meanness. A good writer draws those kinds of responses, and I hope you continue to observe and write about this sometimes wacky world.

  6. I enjoy most of what you write here, especially your stories that take place down at the corner of happy and healthy — that Walgreen’s in Covington. I get a kick out of those stories.

  7. “Words have longer lives than people.” (Mary E. Pearson) You have not only created your own immortality, but also a source of morning reading pleasure for this follower. Thanks, Larry.

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