14 comments on “Keeping the Kids Away From Jerry Lew Lewis

  1. Too funny! Guess he was a wild man for his time. Saw him when he played for the “rough crowd” at Beverly Hills. I don’t remember a whole Lotta shakin’ or rowdy behavior going on there.

  2. Really, that Letterman appearance was pretty bad. Maybe Jerry Lee should hang it up, getting a little too old to perform.

  3. If they’re lucky, Brian, people get older. It is part of life. For an OLD GUY, I think Jerry Lee sang pretty well on Letterman.

  4. Yes, he did, and to make it even worse, she was only thirteen at the time. I believe her name was Lynda Gayle and they later divorced. It basically wrecked his early rock ‘n’ roll career, although he did become popular later as a country singer. I saw him in a Lexington club that had a rear door open to a patio or deck. He got angry with the condition of the piano and pushed it out that rear door. It was a great show up to then, but that put an exclamation point on the evening–show over!
    He has always been, and remains, a true character.

  5. I admire the fact that he’s still at it. I’m thinking about getting that new album he has out.

  6. Jerry Lee always seems a little ate up to me but I’m glad he’s still out there doing his thing.

  7. At first I read your title as Jerry Jew Lewis and thought you were referring to The Nutty Professor actor/MD Telethon guy, who to be fair, is Jewish.

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