10 comments on “Cherished Possessions

  1. I’ve seen you with your old “v” walker at Walgreen’s in Covington. It was pretty ragged. Glad you got a new one.

  2. It looks like you got two baskets on that thing. Those will come in handy down there at the corner of happy and healthy!

  3. Oh, tell me about it Larry! The older you get, the more your priorities change. Enjoy your new walker.

  4. So far, I’m walking on my own but that all can change on a dime. If I ever need a walker, I’ll want a good one and I think it is great that your daughter was thinking of you.

  5. With this post and others I have read here, it sounds like you got good kids. Count your blessings. A lot of parents don’t.

  6. So many of my friends and family are in wheelchairs these days. Give thanks on Thanksgiving that you are still on your feet.

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