12 comments on “At Least it Wasn’t for Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati

  1. No, they never did much for me, kind of lightweight music. Karen Carpenter had a nice voice but I wish she could have found better songs to sing.

  2. Oh how I loved The Carpenters and still do of course. I think I have just about all their albums. My favorite song of theirs is Close to You.

  3. I’m mostly a jazz, blues and rock fan, but the Carpenters did what they did extremely well, and there’s no doubt Karen Carpenter could sing pure and clear, with no special effects, tuning and whatever else many “singers” use today just to get by. And the Carpenters also sold a ton of records. The quality was there.

  4. Some may think they are sickening? It’s what i grew up with..and other great real music in the 60’s-70’s….i’m confused what does 5/3 bank have to do with this?
    Karen didn’t think she was a good singer. she wanted to be known to be a great drummer.

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