12 comments on “Doing Laundry Early in the A.M.

  1. I remember many years ago when my husband and I bought our first house, we could not afford a washer or dryer. I went to a laundromat every weekend. To me there is nothing worse than that. I should kiss my washer and dryer every day!

  2. Thersea has got that right. Laundromats are the pits. I would rather wear dirty clothes than go into one of those places — a breeding ground for bed bugs too.

  3. I wouldn’t walk down to the corner of happy and healthy today, Larry. You will get blown away!

  4. I hate doing Laundry. I would hate it even more at five in the morning. However, to each his or her own.

  5. When I lived in my first (basement) apartment, I was directly across from the laundry room. I always did mine very early like you, or sometimes very late to avoid the kind of meddling neighbor you have. I’m sure you continue to avoid that pain in the butt as much as possible.

  6. Why would you let someone like this effect your behavior? You’re not obligated to even talk to this woman. Simply ignore her.

  7. Brian, some people don’t like confrontation especially when doing laundry. That in itself is unpleasant enough.

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