9 comments on “Reading From Beginning to End

  1. I’ve read a couple of her books. She’s a hopeful, cheery writer and sometimes I need that.

  2. I very much enjoyed your “Vevay, Indiana.” I will say this about those last two chapters: They certainly wake you up 🙂

  3. Putting it on my list. Just finished Let Me Be Frank With You and was highly satisfied. With “Vevay,” I read it twice. I think of that “situation” every time I’m in that area.

  4. With “Vevay Indiana” I think I sort of knew where it was going but with that second to last chapter and especially the last page or two of it, it threw me for a loop. The last chapter was kind of a mind blower. Like Karen, I have read the book twice.

  5. As a lifelong reader, like you, I have given up only a few times. I have read several books more than once, including books by Steinbeck and Philip Roth. I plan on reading Richard Ford’s new one–I’ve heard it’s solid.

  6. Don’t agree with you. Life is too short to suffer through a bad book. Get out and cut your losses.

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