12 comments on “Just a Quick Note to Rep. Stephen Fincher

  1. I don’t know anything about this guy but any politician who slings mud at the President’s kids is an asshole. Tennessee can have him.

  2. I’m not really an Obama fan but I agree to keep his kids out of the line of fire. That is really low class.

  3. The idiot may have just lost his reelection but people tend to forget. I think your right. Always keep kids out of this stuff.

  4. Actually, it was Fincher’s Communication Director, Elizabeth Lauten, who said it but some reports have incorrectly reported that Fincher said it. Whatever. Lauten is the one who resigned today.

  5. How did she get the job of “Communicatins Director”? That’s like giving Limbaugh a public relations jog.

  6. Tuck,
    I heard somewhere that when Limbaugh first comes on the radio that millions of people listen to him but after 10 minutes they tune elsewhere. We need to stop that first 10 minutes somehow.

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