7 comments on “Kent Haruf Would Rather Talk about Carver

  1. The nice thing about longer interviews is you get to know the feelings of the writer. This was a good interview. I just ordered “Plainsong” a few minutes ago.

  2. I remember watching that Plainsong movie on television and I remember enjoying it. I’m sorry Mr. Haruf has passed on.

  3. I’ve read both Plainsong and Eventide and enjoyed them both — maybe Plainsong a little more.

  4. What a great interview. After reading your blog, I’m sitting here with my seven-year old granddaughter and we are discussing how “books without pictures” can be enjoyed. She and I agreed we have good imaginations. I hope I can use my imagination reading these books. (And she is reading every word I write here)

  5. I read some where that Kent Haruf had just completed his next novel and will be released next spring. If anything good can come out with his passing away maybe it is this.

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