15 comments on ““Howdy!”

  1. As you well know, at some other blogs, meanness is everywhere and I seldom ever read the comments or the blogs for that matter. If blocking some commenters is necessary to keep your blog user friendly, then so be it and thank you.

  2. I think I know who you need to block from time to time. I won’t mention any names but he is annoying. Thanks for keeping him off the playing field.

  3. There is another local blog — one in Cincinnati — that I would sometimes read but the comments were extremely nasty at times so I don’t visit much anymore. Here, there is a calmer approach. I don’t know how I feel about comments being filtered but it’s your blog and it does keep things more polite which is always better than the other.

  4. Minnie Pearl had a great charm to her. That’s why we put up with her sometimes bad jokes.

  5. Nothing against her at all, but I never saw the attraction and I never thought Minnie Pearl was funny. As you yourself says, she is cornball.

  6. No offense to Tuck and no offense to you, but time is relative. 8 seconds of that clip was much too long.

  7. Sometimes I’m surprised by what happens here. No, not much of a post today and the video wasn’t even 10 seconds long, yet over a dozen comments?

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