14 comments on “Downhome Urban: Downtown Covington Kentucky

  1. You say that downtown Cincinnati is faster paced and that’s the reason why we may appear to be a bit rude at times, just more going on over here. I agree that Covington is more laid back and there’s more time to converse on the sidewalk.

  2. You can’t compare Downtown Cincinnati to Downtown Covington. Cincinnati has a real city but what does Covington have really. You yourself say it. They have drug addicts, prostitution and a Dollar store. They also have pawn shops and as you state many times a Walgreen’s.

    You’re not comparing apples to apples.

  3. Last time I looked, there was drug addiction and prostitution in Cincinnati too as well as a few pawn shops, some dollar stores and at least two Walgreens, Jake. Kind of full of it aren’t you?

  4. As far as I’m concerned, there is no “great divide.” I consider downtown Cincinnati, Covington, Newport, Latonia and so on all one big community. I think that is the better approach.

  5. You got it right, Spencer. What’ the point in pitting community against community? Educate yourself, Jake.

  6. Lived in Covington all my life, see no need to change that now. Any Covington haters can stay away. No one is forcing you to come here.

  7. I was born on 15th Street in Covington and have lived in northern Ky. most of my life. Cincy has its charms, lots of retail, restaurants and the Reds, but it also seems to average one or two homicides a night. I’ll take living on the south side of the river.

  8. I’m also born and raised in Northern Kentucky and on nice days, I’ll take a bus across the river and so some shopping downtown. Afterwards, it is nice to get back home to Kentucky. You point out the slower pace over here and it s appealing. I like your description, downhome urban. That is what it is.

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