12 comments on “I Reckon I Don’t Need to Understand Miley Cyrus

  1. Dolly has her assets if you know what I mean but she also has real talent to back up those assets. I think Miley does too. She is young. She will find her way.

  2. I like the old Miley much better than what she has turned herself into. I guess in her head she had to do a 360 turn but I don’t like it much.

  3. She’s only marginally talented, so she has to constantly keep calling attention to herself. She has become sadly needy.

  4. I more or less agree with Tuck. Having said that, she has released some decent songs — remember “The Climb?” — and has managed to get to a higher status than her dad. Remember Billy Ray?

  5. Back in the day, my girlfriends and I all had a crush on Billy Ray. It was fun to hear that song again!

  6. Sometimes I wonder what Dolly really things of her goddaughter. She’s never going to give us the truth on that one.

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