10 comments on “Maybe The Huffington Post Doesn’t Know Craig Ferguson Also Left His Talk Show Last Week

  1. I also kind of noticed that the Ferguson finale was missing from The Huffington Post reporting but as you point out, it doesn’t make much difference. We’re talking television here.

  2. I could call less about what the Huffington Post does or doesn’t do. As far as which one was the better show, I found Colbert funny and Ferguson annoying.

  3. I find myself visiting The Huffington Post less and less.

    Colbert vs. Ferguson? Ferguson.

  4. I don’t know these people. At my age I think it is fine to be a little bit out of it. I wish Johnny was still on.

  5. I know you’re a Letterman guy — can tell by that Dave shirt you’re wearing here. I’ll stick with him until he retires.

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