13 comments on “Platinum Taylor Swift

  1. Say what you want about Swift, but catchy sells and she has a strong relationship with her fans. Yes, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

  2. I’m agreeing with Cathy. 1989 is the best Taylor Swift music yet. You need to give it more of a chance, Larry.

  3. I think she is probably a smart young women but she doesn’t need an old lady like me to buy her records 🙂

  4. With that new music she put out, she has turned her back on her country roots. I’m not a fan anymore.

  5. I’ll say it again. She’s a lightweight singer and songwriter. It concerns me that this is what the masses want these days. If James Taylor was starting out today, i doubt if he could even make it.

  6. She is smart to make her money now as when she gets older and loses her looks, no one will care about her shitty music.

  7. People put down Taylor’s music without really listening to it. I have a feeling’s that’s the case with RN, an uneducated music idiot.

  8. I wish her much success just like I do with everyone else who is trying to make an honest living. Why wish failure?

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