11 comments on “Celebrity Mug Shots

  1. I know the names of most of the people that they are showing but most of them I don’t consider stars. Most of them are just getting their 15 minutes of fame.

  2. You more or less have got it right, Beth. I got a couple more than Larry did but most of these people are not stars. Nick Nolte is and was.

  3. Nick Nolte is a fine actor, one of our best. I think it is sad that most people will only remember him because of that stupid mug shot.

  4. Three here. I’m just happy I saw a few who look way worse than I do in the morning. And a few more who reassure me that plastic surgery, hair implants and collagen injections do NOT improve one’s appearance.

  5. I’m an old fart too. I got the two you did and I think the only reason I did was because you named them.

  6. I know who most of the people are in those mug shots. Most of them I don’t consider stars at all.

  7. Most of these outlaws are barely celebrities, and more will wind up forgotten or infamous rather than famous, including Rick Perry.

  8. Tuck’s right. Within a few years time, most will have forgotten these people and Perry will probably be behind bars.

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