10 comments on “Net-Neutrality

  1. Thersea, basically the way things are set up now is that all internet traffic is treated equally. The Republicans would like to change that. They smell m-o-n-e-y.

  2. I think there will be a backlash with the republicans on this one. People don’t want their internet messed around with.

  3. Some regulation, to protect users from extortion by file thieves/ hackers like CryptoWall, is necessary, but the GOP is, as usual against almost any regulation. As Tim stated, they smell $$$$$$, and that is the driving force behind most of what they do. They care little, if any, for the general internet users, while looking ahead for unbelievably profitable windfall opportunities. In a few simple words, it is ongoing greed.

  4. Maybe I’m giving the public too much credit but I think most will see through this greed the GOP has now become famous for. I want to think right decisions will be made based on public demand.

  5. Hope you’re right, Spencer but keep in mind that “the public” voted for President George W. Bush TWICE.

  6. Jack Rabbit,
    Bush did serve two terms, but, as I recall, he was “awarded” the first one by the courts. The popular vote totals were in dispute. If he had lost that one, the world would quite possibly be a better place, and thousands would not have lost their lives in his (and Satan Cheney’s) wars based on lies.

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