11 comments on “Smile and Say “Cheese”

  1. People posing with their prizes or dead deer is one of the many reasons why I stay off Facebook. I think it would make me mad all the time.

  2. I usually get me a couple deer during deer season but I’m never one to take a picture of me with it. Don’t have a deer head mounted on the wall either. Like your grandpa did, it is food on the table.

  3. I don’t go hunting or fishing anymore. I’ve killed enough animals in my day.

  4. Maybe I’m a sick individual, but I found your handling of the rat situation amusing. I can see you now putting that dead rat in a shoebox.

  5. I get what Cathy is saying. I don’t think I could eat what I have killed. The meat at Kroger doesn’t have a face on it.

  6. As long as small animals stay out of my house, I have no problem with raccoons, squirrels, birds, any of them–even insects. If I see a spider indoors, I catch him gently in a tissue and toss him back outside. Live and let live. Killing for food is one thing, but killing for sport isn’t very sporting, especially on these so-called enclosed “wildlife ranches” where “hunters” use vehicles and high-powered rifles with scopes to bag their “prey.” And watch out for Dick Cheney, folks.

  7. I hope that someday you write more about your grandfather and that farm in Vevay. It sounds like he was a wonderful man.

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