9 comments on “In This World, We Now Have Two Paris Hiltons

  1. How can a woman like Paris Hilton have fans when she really does nothing. I don’t get this at all.

  2. In reality dogs don’t have last names but it is odd she would name the dog after herself. I guess you can’t expect her to know much about the real world.

  3. She used to be a distraction of sorts but not really anymore. People have lost interest. Slim is basically right.

  4. Like many who are famous for simply being famous and/or wealthy, her arrogance and self-centeredness overwhelm anything that might be positive or attractive about her. Maybe she’s generous and charitable, and she apparently loves dogs, but that pup is cuter than she ever was.

  5. I agree with Tuck. Her family has money and that’s why she is famous and also there’s that sex tape some years ago. I do fine it amazing that she has fans. Maybe a better word for them is sheep.

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