11 comments on “The 2015 Oscar Nominations and my Rambling Notes

  1. I know of very few of those people on the list and why would I? They don’t make movies for adults these days. They made them for kids.

  2. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to go see a movie. I get them from the library these days and it is usually hit or miss.

  3. I remember that Oscar show that Letterman hosted. He wasn’t as bad at it as most critics thought he was.

  4. WITHOUT A DOUBT, you should see Boyhood. Larry, You’re local public library has it on DVD.

  5. Movies are becoming, if not already, irrelevant. Unless there’s a super-hero, alien, or weird fantasy/sci-fi involved, Hollywood’s not much interested. Movies with real stories are becoming extinct. I saw “Unbroken” recently, and it is a solid story but overlong. As Proctor said, most movies are for kids–real storytelling is disappearing. That’s why “Unbroken” was the first I had seen in a theater in over a year, and possibly the last. I’ll stick with dvds from the library or Netflix, and I won’t watch a second of the Oscars, opting for some entertaining college basketball instead.

  6. Jack Rabbit and Tuck are, of course, correct. Woody Allen still makes adult movies but I can’t and won’t watch them anymore because of what he did to Mia’s daughter.

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