15 comments on “Animal Rights

  1. She’s an idiot. With that said, she should remove that fur bikini immediately and then take a selfie of herself.

  2. You wrote about Paris Hilton some days ago and it’s the same thing here. These people are simply distractions from real life. Some people need or want this. I don’t.

  3. I enjoyed that column you wrote about the Kardashians in Citybeat. Like you, I’m gonna keep my head in the real world 🙂

  4. She has a pretty face and a famous last name. Both have served her well as well as a dumb-downed American audience.

  5. She won’t have to get much older before that (freakish, I think) rump of hers begins to droop, and then she will be forgotten. As it is, her fifteen minutes of fame were up long ago. These people are only annoyances if others pay attention–just ignore ’em. They’ll all be gone soon.

  6. I thought at least Kim Kardashian had a pretty face until you shared that GIF with us. She doesn’t look so great when she’s crying.

  7. I watch The Kardashians to see how the other half lives. I don’t think I’ll be finding out any other way.

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