13 comments on “Looking Around and Not Down

  1. Pretty sad state of affairs if you ask me. The guy cannot tear himself away to look at a whale!

  2. In so many ways, that picture speaks volumes of the kind of society we are now living in. It IS sad.

  3. You are so right Julie. When I first saw this picture online yesterday I thought it was doctored up! So sad that it isn’t!

  4. Julie is right. That photo speaks volumes about us today. We get more detached from the world every damn day.

  5. You have commented on this before, but the addiction to screens only grows (worse) as time advances. Many parents are using iPads as babysitters, raising the next generation of screen addicts.

  6. Agree. I spend a lot of time INCARCERATED in airports. Watched one set of parents intent on their cellphones, oblivious to their adorable baby, sitting on the floor, waving her arms and attempting to engage them in her baby conversation. Small moments as well as the big ones get missed when self-tethered to technology.

  7. i agree with you but have to believe your age (as does mine) plays a large part is noticing the beauty of your surroundings…

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