11 comments on “Jimmy Fallon’s Having Fun

  1. I agree with Proctor that Jimmy is a little bit light but at that hour of the night I’m not looking for something heavy. The games and the fun are perfect for me.

  2. I think moving the show to New York City has given it a new kind of energy. I’m becoming a fan.

  3. Thersea, You don’t have to watch these shows when they air. Go to the internet and watch them on your computer!

  4. Jimmy Fallon is okay but he sure the hell isn’t making anybody any smarter when they watch him. Late night has become dummied down and he isn’t anything like Dick Cavett.

  5. I have liked Letterman for years, but he is coasting toward retirement. Maybe he will pick up the energy level a week or two before he leaves. Fallon is light, and Conan just isn’t, nor has he ever been, that funny. Kimmel is pretty solid, not as light as Fallon.

  6. I’ll stick with Dave until I no longer have him to stick to — then I’ll probably say goodbye to late night. They’re all kids these days.

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