11 comments on “Hello Cold World

  1. What you are saying about getting past February is true. It is also true that we have had snow on Opening Day.

  2. I can’t do anything at all about the weather except complain about it! The coming week looks a little better than last week so I’ll try and be grateful for that.

  3. I read the weather forecast every morning just to see how I could dress. I can’t remember the last time it ever changed by day. You go with it.

  4. As I said last week, “This ain’t Boston.” Go to the NY Times website and read E. J. Graff’s op-ed piece from Friday’s (2/20/15) paper, entitled “Boston’s Winter From Hell” to get an idea of the huge natural disaster that city is slowly, catastrophically enduring. It makes our weather look mild by comparison.

  5. Thanks, Jack Rabbit–I recall this song clearly from the mid-70s. I liked it then, and it still sounds good. I believe it was a top-ten hit. And I’ve been to Boston twice, in spring and summer. It’s a great city but hell to drive in. I can’t imagine what this winter is like, but that NYT article paints a grim picture.

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