14 comments on “Circles

  1. We both know them, don’t we? Writers who don’t write and put down other writer’s words. Your “friend” had it coming. If he has a brain at all, he should consider it a wake up call.

  2. He sounds like a lazy phony who probably couldn’t put together a coherent paragraph. Hell, he probably couldn’t write a clear comment on this blog.

  3. Larry,
    After I commented earlier, I dug out one of my favorite writing books, “On Writing”, by George V. Higgins, noted author of “The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” a great 70s crime novel. In his final paragraph, he states: “The way to determine whether you have talent is to rummage through your files and see if you have written anything; if you have, and quite a lot, chances are you have the talent to write more. If you haven’t written anything, you do not have the talent because you don’t want to write. Those who do can’t help themselves. We do it for the hell of it….”
    “On Writing”, copyright 1990 by Henry Holt and Company, Inc. ISBN 0-80501180-3
    If you are interested, pick it up at the library, and if they don’t have it, you can get a used copy from Amazon, very reasonably priced. I think you would enjoy it.

  4. Thank you, Tuck, for the name of that book. I probably will pick it up at the library as soon as the weather turns warmer. As far as writing goes, I’m one of those people who simply can’t help but do it. I can’t imagine not having writing in my life.

  5. You have had success with your writing which this person will never enjoy having. You know this.

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