9 comments on “Killing the Music Maker

  1. You are right on this one. Music instruments were made to make beautiful music and not to be smashed up!

  2. I have a piano in my house and I have played by ear for years. All of us each have different talents and yours, like mine, is picking up on notes easily. I also feel sorry for that poor innocent guitar.

  3. I liked your column very much and I agree with you about musical instruments. They come to life when they are played and breaking one on purpose is murder in my eyes. I didn’t know about Brooks smashing his guitars. I will never buy another one of his albums.

  4. I’ve watched some footage of Garth Brooks smashing one of his guitars on stage. Pretty sickening and a big turnoff for me.

  5. I think The Who was the first band I saw destroy instruments, and, as much as I liked them, this destructive act was just wrong. Brooks has always been a fool in my book. Destroying instruments is musical vandalism of the worst kind, and musicians who get frustrated should simply give up the instrument and give it to someone who values it. You were right to stay away from that teacher.

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