9 comments on “Three Predictions That Don’t Really Matter

  1. I find it amazing that some are actually going out to see him in concert. I’d be throwing rocks at him!

  2. I’ve read that with Lester Holt anchoring the NBC Nightly news that it has maintained the lead in the ratings. There is no need to bring Williams back. At this point, he is beyond damaged goods.

  3. Agreed. Brian Williams will never come back to NBC. He’s hardly even missed.

  4. Williams might return, but not in a newsman’s role. He might be given something to do in the entertainment/tabloid/gossip/reality area, doing just the reverse of what O’Reilly did. He started out as a (weak) host of an “Entertainment Tonight” style show, and I heard him mispronounce many names and words during the time he was there. Now he calls himself a journalist–what a joke…

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