12 comments on “Planning and Acting Accordingly

  1. I’m hoping this will be the last winter blast. I am ready for warmer weather.

  2. The roads are a mess in my heck of the woods in Covington. I’m ready for the spring thaw damnit.

  3. I take extreme comfort in the fact that this nasty weather isn’t taking place in December or January. It is March and this crap will soon be over!

  4. The reality is we have had only, maybe, a couple weeks of nasty winter weather and keep in mind this isn’t like what the New England states have had to put up with. Look at Boston. We have been lucky.

  5. Spring training baseball on the radio and tv brings positive thoughts of the oncoming spring, not too far away now.

  6. We have only had a few intense winter like days so far this winter. I say we are getting off lucky.

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