10 comments on “I’m not Springing Forward Because I Never Fell Back

  1. I believe in keeping it simple especially in the morning. I still use an old wind up clock to wake me up!

  2. My old alarm clock gave out on me sometime back. Now I just keep my watch on the nightstand by my bed. Keeping it simple.

  3. Go out and buy yourself an old fashioned alarm clock. I’m kind of agreeing with you that if a clock comes with an instruction book then it s going to make your life more complicated and who needs that?

  4. Changing the time is an old-fashioned, outmoded idea, but I admit I like it when we “spring forward.” The extra evening light simply makes spring seem so much closer, even if it’s still cold.

  5. I mostly agree with Tuck but I also like getting that extra hour of sleep when we “fall back.”

  6. One of the best things about being retired is not having to set an alarm clock every morning. About the worse way to wake up.

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